Katedra gotycka w Chartres


  • środa, 23 grudnia 2009
  • wtorek, 01 grudnia 2009
    • Kod Chartres

      W kodowaniu uczestniczy niemal każdy element katedry gotyckiej Chartres. Od celtyckiej studni umieszczonej w podziemiu katedry, po wieże i dach.
      Od rzeźb i witraży po labirynt.Jak mawiali Temples czyli templariusze. To wszystko Naszej Pięknej Pani z ......

      I have argued that many of the ancient religions, and some of the more modern esoteric traditions, hold Nibiru to be their hidden Truth. This Truth is heretical to Monotheistic faith, and is represented by an underground tradition of symbolism that to some extent has been clouded by the mists of time: Nibiru, I argue, last came past the Solar System 2000 years ago and is currently about as distant as it can be. But its quiet intrusion into the skies 2000 years ago created a revolution in religion. The child Horus was born again to the World in the form of Christ. It was an astrological arrival of a dead star whose cyclical return was so buried in ancient history that it had been almost entirely forgotten about. Except for some vague references to the return of a Messiah. This motif on the outside of the Cathedral building shows the Star within a seven-pointed halo; more Dark Star symbolism:


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